I’m not saying don’t be selfish, just be smart about it.

As I’ve previously written, society is very different now than it used to be. The public opinion on what is acceptable has shifted with its moral compass; we sit idly by whilst ideas that were once unspeakable are brought to fruition.The examples referred to above are admittedly, macro-level events. But on the much smaller, individual level, things are also very different. …

Your unhappiness at work might have all started with something you put on your CV. Thankfully, I’m here to point out the error of your ways.

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A lot of the time, unique skills are actually born from our unique traumas. Yet, at work, those special skills are expected to be dragged out with a flourish on a regular basis.

Unhappy at your job? Happy with work life but not life life? Here are three things you might want to reconsider having on your CV:

1. Works well in a highly pressurised environment.

I grew up in a pretty explosive household. As a result, when stuff goes down nowadays I barely flinch, and am usually the one guiding others through the process. There’s no doubt that being the calmest person in the room during a…

I have a habit of saying things that sound really random when in fact they make perfect sense. My friends think that I jump to conclusions and get lucky. So, we had a bet that the next time I said something seemingly outrageous, I would have to back it up - with facts - within 15 minutes. No internet, until we looked up the links to back up my points — together.

The other night, we were watching the Mexican Joker episode of South Park. At some point, I said,

“It’s all true, though — the world is full of supervillain stories waiting to happen — some are pretty much guaranteed.”

My friends exchanged a look, and then sprang into action. TV paused, laptop handed to me. Damn. My big, fat, slightly drunk mouth. My 15 minutes starts…now:

With lockdown measures coming to an end, many people who lost their jobs to the pandemic are looking for new positions to fill. I am not one of them.

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I am unemployable*. There are many reasons why. Some are so prominent in everyday life that they have faded to the background, like a shooting pain that becomes dull enough to bear but never goes away; some are in the public sphere of conversation and show little or no signs of improvement as time goes on. But all of them add up to the basic fact that I won’t be managed.

That’s right: It’s not that I can’t do it, it’s that I won’t do it. I have been so willing in the past, and tried so hard. But after…

I’ve always steered clear of effeminate or flamboyant guys but I never understood why, until I unintentionally started dating an effeminate person and started having flashbacks.

I broke up with my boyfriend at the weekend. The reason comes from the part of my psyche of which I am most ashamed…

I am femmephobic.

What is femmephobia?

For those of you who might be confused, femmephobia is a term used to describe an aversion to anyone who presents as feminine. In my case, it applies specifically to men over a certain height. It’s not in a hateful way, more in a literal I-get-scared-and-I-don’t-know-why kind of way. I don’t struggle with it on a regular basis, and most interactions I have with flamboyant people are fine. It is something I quickly…

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Like a stripper, but with words; I’ll share my naked thoughts, for a few singles. Make it clap👏.

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